The background of Downey California’s Latino Graphics

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Written by Carlos Jimenez

ruben-chavez-website-designer-downeyRuben Chávez and Claudia Hernández immigrated to the United States with the goal of acquiring a higher standard of living. Ruben has a BA in Computer Science from Instituto Technológico de Aguascalientes (ITA), and Claudia has clerical experience, but in their home country of Mexico, their ambitions could not be reached. As a newly married couple, they felt the need to explore a new world together in America. In the beginning of their journey they both had to endure many hardships as they struggled to find employment and proper housing. There was even a time when they had to sleep on the floor without a bed. Eventually, Ruben and his wife acquired housing in the city of Anaheim since he found employment washing dishes at the world renowned Disneyland Theme Park. They were grateful for that, but when the opportunity to work for El Clasificado came along, Ruben took the job after much consideration and this allowed him to use his computer skills which he learned while attending college. Claudia, not to be outdone, studied graphic design at Cerritos College. She then used her newfound knowledge to start her own business: Claudia Designer. She designed flyers and business cards, decorated calendars, and organized brochures for businesses. Soon, however, Ruben joined her, and together Latino Graphics was born. Latino Graphics is a local business in Downey, California, that offers services such as:

and many more services that reach all the corners of this beautiful country. With affordable advertising, Latino Graphics is here to help the community and meet its needs. Latino Graphics serves English and Spanish speaking customers with friendly bilingual employees. Ruben and Claudia started with a dream, but with the help of satisfied customers, it is rapidly becoming a successful reality. Discover why so many customers are satisfied with the work of Latino Graphics by utilizing whichever of their resources is right for you.

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