No Entiendo Nintendo Mini

Written by: Carlos Jimenez


30 games in the palm of your hand – NES Classic Edition (to be released in November 2016)

On another nostalgia marketing campaign, Nintendo announced the release of the NES Classic Edition, which is basically a miniature of the original Nintendo Entertainment System which came out in the 80’s. As I had stated in an earlier article, it seems that the present can’t get away from the past, but rather, it actually runs back to it. Can we call this a lack of new ideas? Can we say that this is a result of the low amount of sales of the Wii U? I don’t know, but I certainly do know that this is Read More

La Fiebre del “Pokémon Go” y el Impacto en tu Negocio

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(Pokémon Go es un fenómeno en la industria de los juegos de los smartphones. Imagen Cortesía de

Tal vez has notado en lugares públicos que gente camina con sus celulares en mano y ojos pegados a la pantalla, como si estuviesen buscando algo usando su aparato como lupa. Supongo también que en tu lugar de trabajo, compañeros y clientes comentan a veces acerca de haber capturado algún Pokémon. Seguramente has visto en tu Facebook amigos hablando del Pokémon Go, y compartiendo fotos de su progreso en el juego.  Todo este fenómeno empezó a ocurrir de repente en los últimos días. Read More

The background of Downey California’s Latino Graphics

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Written by Carlos Jimenez

ruben-chavez-website-designer-downeyRuben Chávez and Claudia Hernández immigrated to the United States with the goal of acquiring a higher standard of living. Ruben has a BA in Computer Science from Instituto Technológico de Aguascalientes (ITA), and Claudia has clerical experience, but in their home country of Mexico, their ambitions could not be reached. As a newly married couple, they felt the need to explore a new world together in America. In the beginning of their journey they both had to endure many hardships as they struggled to find employment and proper housing. There was even a time when they had to sleep on the floor without a bed. Read More